Why we advise you book an appointment

but we don't insist. 


We run a busy appointment system. We advise you book in advance but don't insist - we try our best to have time for everyone and avoid disappointment. 


Here at Ilkeston Factory Specs we like to give a service and experience you'll enjoy, whilst picking from 1000's of frame styles and deciding on the best lenses to meet your requirements and budget. There are many options and this can sometimes take a little while. We don't want you to feel rushed into making a quick decision that may not be the right one and given the complexities you may have questions to ask. We also need time to carefully take important measurements from you.


We run a manufacturing laboratory firstly, and a busy Factory Shop and also designer glasses boutique, so a scheduled appointment system works well and gives you unrushed planned time instore. We try to leave 15 minutes either side of appointments to be sure you have the time you need without another appointment arriving.

Due to the high value of our stock (particularly designer and luxury eyewear in our boutique), we allocate a staff member for every visiting customer. Our products of high value are presented in display cabinets for each brand and you will be assisted by our dispenser.

We welcome all customers and try and find enough time to help everyone, but obviously prioritise booked appointed customers, which sometimes means staff having to cut short an unbooked browsing visit or unbooked viewing. To avoid this and a wasted or shortened visit, it is usually safer to pre book. Designer glasses are not sold or displayed in a manner that they can be self served and many booking customers request a private shop environment which could cut short an unbooked visit.

All booking fee's are redeemed against the cost of your purchase - So we advise you to book soon and benefit from extensive ranges of glasses styles and brands at affordable prices. Please remember to send us your prescription (booking page) so that we can have the best lens options and prices sourced for you on your visit