Send frames

to us or 

Click & Collect

(no postage) to bring frames to store

We'll confirm lens in stock or that we have started to make your lenses and coatings

We'll contact you when they are glazed into your frame or available for you to call in to store with your frame

Peace of mind when ordering new

lenses for your own frames

To use our reglaze online simply order your lenses then send us your frame to be glazed - we'll post it back reglazed


Click & Collect customers - order and pay for coated lenses and varifocals online

first before attending (and wait for our email telling you they have arrived

or are made) so that you only have to attend once and your coated

lenses (not held in stock) will be waiting for you on the day.

You will need to send a copy of your prescription by uploading it

(follow the instructions on the cart page)

You may be asked during the process for a PD measurement. Don't worry too much about the accuracy if your click and collecting, as we will take the measurements needed when you attend store (to bring the frame) and cut the new lenses in while you wait.

You can attend store when we let you know the lenses are available

or you may Book a private consultation.

Alternatively you can just attend store for your reglaze.

Q: How will you know how big my frame is and if your lenses will fit ?


A: We start with a large round "blank" with your prescription included,

which is trimmed to size when you come to collect your lenses. This 

allows us to take your measurements before cutting the oversized

lenses down to size and shape when you call in or send your frame.

Once we have your frame we will scan it for eye size and shape and

cut the lenses to fit accordingly.

Don't worry, the lenses you order are guaranteed to fit, our promise.

Small/ medium/ average or large frames are all fine

(extremely large XXL frames are rare - please email us if you have a

huge frame and we'll ask you to give us more information from the arm

of the frame - Eye Size/Depth -  and we'll take full responsibility for fit)

            prescription eyewear supplier optical lenses - designer eyewear brand stockist                                                 - spectacle manufacturing laboratory direct


Choose lenses and coatings

and place your order Online or call in to store to order 

Receive your reglaze through the post or attend our store where we will cut and fit the new lenses in to your frames while you wait