Buying Online Terms of Use

These terms are in addition to our standard terms and condition of business. You should read them carefully and only order glasses or lenses with us if you agree to them fully. We recommend you read our full terms of business before placing orders on this site.

1  I accept that prescription glasses are only returnable at our discretion within 14 days and must be in  perfect condition and only the frame can be refunded (at our discretion) the lenses are not refundable.

2  I confirm that I have checked the information I have entered above and it matches my prescription.

3  I understand that If I place an order for lenses with high Sph's above  +/- 6.00 and/or high Cyl's above  +/- 2.00 I will incur and pay a surcharge of £30 before goods are dispatched to me, and that no monies are refundable for lenses if I have not made the surcharge payment.

4  I understand that prescription lenses are a bespoke item and exempt from Long Distance selling regulations and once ordered cannot be cancelled or refunded.

5   I understand the lens tint I have chosen (if required) in the options selection will be as we consider suitable within reason and as supplied by us which I will accept and not request altered  for another depth/shade or colour. I understand that different tint brands differ slightly in hue. 

6  I understand that my PD will be set according to my instructions and the option I choose and my distance height centres, if I am ordering varifocals, will be set at the standard distance height of 5mm above the horizontal centre line (HCL) of the frame front panel.

7  I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions set out on this website. The customer (either myself or someone else ) is/am/are over 18 years old, not registered blind or partially sighted and the prescription used is not over 2 years old.

8  I understand it is my responsibility to let you know all details of my prescription including any Prism measurements, and I understand that I may be asked for a copy of the original prescription during or after manufacture of my spectacles.