Please read our following terms and conditions for online purchases with "Ilkeston Factory Specs". 

Shaun Bateman - 135 Lower Bath Street - Ilkeston - Derbyshire - DE7 8AS tel 0115 9 445656 


1. Payments

1.1- We accept payment by credit and debit card only.
1.2- All prices  for frames and "Standard power" lenses shown - are the price you pay in total + postage if applicable.

A surcharge of a fixed £40 will be applied to orders including lenses if the prescription is "Non Standard".
1.3- Goods will only be delivered to the registered address of the credit card used for payment.
1.4- Goods remain the property of "Ilkeston Factory Specs"

135 Lower Bath Street- Ilkeston-Derbyshire De7  8as until paid for in full.


2. Delivery

2.1- We do not guarantee to deliver by a specific date.  If we have not delivered  (forwarded)  the product within 28 days of acceptance of order you may cancel the order and all money paid will be refunded to the credit or debit card that the payment originally came from.
2.2-  Spectacles can only be supplied to United Kingdom residents and delivered to a United Kingdom address.
2.3- We will send (all) orders by signed for delivery or Special Delivery if you choose to insure your goods and it is your responsibility to ensure that someone is able to sign for receipt of the goods. We will ring or email you the day before the day of arrival (your address) so that you may reasonably expect the delivery (although we cannot guarantee the delivery will take place the following day of dispatch in all cases).

2.4- We will be entitled to rely upon your signature as proof of delivery/ a neighbours signature if taken on your behalf/ or a statement of delivery signed on your behalf by the Royal Mail employee attending and making the delivery in the case of Covid 19 distancing rules. In all cases the delivery will be deemed to have been successful and made.
2.5- Inspect the goods upon delivery and notify us straight away on the  day of receipt  (by email through our Ilkestonfactoryspecs.co.uk website contact form ) should they be in any way defective or inconsistent with your order.  You should not use the product or wear the product.

2.6- All Damage and or missing items to or upon the return delivery must be reported on the day of receipt of the goods to the Royal Mail.

2.7- Should it be necessary for you to return goods then you shall be liable for their safe-keeping until such time as they are delivered to us including any period in transit.

2.8- The returned spectacles or goods should be returned unmarked and in there original packaging for our inspection and acceptance and returned at your own cost.


3. Forward and Return shipping liability of your own goods sent for reframe and reglaze

3.1- You agree when sending your own frames or lenses to us that the value of the items you send (lenses and frames for us to work with, including reglaze own frame orders and reframe own lens orders) have a value of £0 nothing if lost in return transit or if damaged within our glazing processes.

3.2- You agree to pay a £5 handling charge to us to cover credit card charges made to us from your credit provider in the event of us making a refund of your payment if the frames or lenses you post off to us do not arrive and are lost in transit before we take delivery of your goods.

3.3- Refunds we make for goods failing to reach us (arrive to our premises) will be made after 28 days of the goods being lost in forward transit by cheque to the person named on the original payment (order) with the £5 handling charge deducted.

3.4- You agree when placing an order on this site that frames or lenses sent to us to be returned to you as a reframe or reglaze have a value of £0 when requesting our Standard Royal Mail signed for return postage in the event of damage or loss in return transit.

3.5- When choosing Special Delivery insured return shipping you agree to let us make any claim on your behalf for compensation if you request, using a valuation of your original purchase price of the items (with a deduction for age, benefits and enhancements) with the Royal Mail.

3.6- You agree not to claim from Ilkeston Factory Specs any amount of compensation for lost or damaged goods unless you have chosen Special Delivery Insured return delivery on our site, protecting us against total loss but any claim made should not exceed £50. 

3.7- You will make a report and share with us (upon our request) all details of the report you make to the Royal Mail regarding lost or damaged items, and allow us to speak to The Royal Mail and ask for details of your report.

3.8- You agree to provide proof of purchase and cost of your frames or lenses for any reason upon our request.
3.9- You will not send lenses of the type and brand carl Zeiss/ Essilor Varilux/ high value etc without first contacting us by email, as these types of lenses will be deemed at a value of £0 in the event of loss or damage (due to them being unusable as a working pair of glasses) unless Special Delivery postage is chosen when ordering goods and services on this site. You should contact us first before sending these brands of lenses.


4. Cancellations and Changes for spectacle and reframe and reglaze orders

4.1- For goods made to your personal specification, orders cancelled before dispatch may incur a charge for time and materials used in preparation of the order.
4.2- Changes to your order made before dispatch may incur an additional charge for time and materials used in preparation of the order.

4.3- Spectacles are exempt from the 14 day cooling-off period that applies to the majority of consumer goods.
4.4- You accept full responsibility for the accuracy and of entering ( or uploading) your prescription details and providing a  PD measurement.

4.5- If you do not provide a PD measurement (or use the option "Set at Standard" when ordering ), we will apply automatically the PD measurement as a total of 63 mm (average)  for long distance and 60 mm for near distance decentration on the manufacture of the spectacles or  lenses you have ordered.
4.6- You may cancel any order (except for prescription glasses) up to 7 working days after receipt and return the goods for a full refund minus any relevant handling charges indicated within these terms of business.  You must notify us in writing or by email before you do so.

4.7 - We cannot be responsible for altered pupil distance settings or and height measurements when your own lenses are fitted to our new frames but will do our best to match as near as possible.

4.8 - The choice of frame we use for your reframe is of our choice and you agree to except our choice for style/colour and fit.


5. Guarantee

5.1 -  All spectacles sold here online carry a 6 month guarantee against faulty materials and defective workmanship. This does not include wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse of the goods. To claim under this guarantee you must obtain a returns number by sending an email to us on our website Ilkestonfactoryspecs.co.uk contact form and then returning the goods by post. Please do not attend store for refunds unless with our express permission. Refunds will not be made for original or return postage.

5.2- We reserve the right to repair or replace faulty goods at our discretion if we deem the goods to be faulty.

5.3- Guarantees will not apply where goods have been subject to misuse, have not been used for the intended purpose or have not been used or cared for in accordance with any specific instructions issued with the product.

5.4- Refunds will not be made if incorrect or insufficient prescription information has been entered by the buyer at the time of ordering. We reserve the right to see a copy of the original prescription before making a refund.


6. Liability

6.1- "Ilkeston Factory Specs"  will not be liable for any vision problems, any loss of any nature, any accident or any injury, as a result of incorrect or insufficient information supplied by you or the original prescribing Optician or qualified optical professional.
6.2- The Buyer (customer) accepts full responsibility for choosing the frame based on the information provided. Unless stated otherwise, frames are not supplied as 'non-allergenic'.

6.3- Upon receipt of your spectacles, the responsibility lies with you the buyer to check that the vision through the lenses meets your expectations for the purpose that they were ordered. i.e. reading glasses and lenses are for near vision within arm's length only. Distance glasses and lenses are for distance vision giving clear vision at distance only but not focusing at a near vision (within arms length).

7. General terms

7.1 - We reserve the right to amend prices and specifications without notice.
7.2- No employee of "Ilkeston Factory Specs" has the right to vary these terms and conditions.
7.3- These terms and conditions shall be governed by English Law.
7.4- We can only supply lenses to a valid prescription that is less than two years old and we reserve the right to ask for a copy of that prescription.
7.5- We cannot supply lenses to those who are under 18 or registered partially sighted.
7.6- A binding contract is only entered into when we accept your order.

7.7- Standard prescription lenses - Our prices at the cart and checkout include frames and lenses as indicated, including

"Standard" single vision lenses (valued at £15 if deemed free on purchases) with a prescription up to but not above sph's +/- 4.00 and or Cyl's not above but up to +/-2.00 (inclusive). We accept as standard any Axis and Reading adds up to +3.00 but not above. There should be no Prism included in your order.

"Standard" Varifocal lenses (valued at purchase price) with a prescription up to but not above sph's +/- 6.00 and or Cyl's not above but up to +/-4.00 (inclusive). We accept as standard any Axis and Reading adds up to +3.00 but not above. There should be no Prism included in your order.

If you (the customer) place an order for lenses that are above these "Standard" prescription powers or with Prism indicated on your prescription, there is an additional surcharge for you to pay before and if we accept your order. The surcharge is £40 in total additionally to the original purchase price.

The glasses order if accepted and processed will not dispatched to you until the surcharge payment has been paid by you. We will contact you when your order is ready and request payment of the surcharge before dispatch is made. We do not accept orders with prescriptions above Sph's +/- 8.00 and or Cyl's above +/- 4.00 or Adds above 3.00 under any circumstance. Do not place orders on this site above these powers.

7.8- Handling Charge prohibited lens power orders:

There will be a £15.00 handling charge made for the time and expenses incurred (by us) for your error in placing order or orders for lens prescriptions we state we do not supply as standard if we decide not to accept your order and that you should not order on this website This will be deducted by us from the monies paid to us by you before the refund is made. We make refunds by cheque.

You should not place an order for lenses or glasses with us if your prescription is over the powers we accept unless you agree with the specific terms stated on 7.6,7.7, 7.8 of our terms of business stated here.

8  Statutory rights/proprietor sole trade

8.1 - Nothing in these terms and conditions shall effect your statutory rights
8.2 - All content on this website is copyright of T/A "Ilkeston Factory Specs", Shaun Bateman


9. Identity and contracting

9.1- "Ilkeston Factory Specs" is a trading style taken and used by Mr Shaun Bateman t/a  "Ilkeston Factory Specs".

Business is undertaken at 135 Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire , De7 8as , known as "the trading address".

9.2- It is to be recognised by both contracting parties (us and you)  that the title "llkeston Factory Specs" is not it's own entity but a trading style representative of the individual named (Shaun Bateman) in ( 8.2) , who will be jointly (with you) liable to perform as agreed under these terms.

9.3 - The term "We" represents the proprietor named in 8.2 or a representative employed by the proprietor at the time of use by you of this website. 

9.4 - No employee of "Ilkeston Factory Specs" has the right or authority to override any of the terms of business shown and outlined here.