There is an art in making a strong prescription pair of glasses that not only offer great clarity of vision, but also look fantastic ! There's no denying it takes skill and experience, something that can only really be offered face to face instore.

Firstly it all starts with the right frame.
You may have a frame already buy unless its the right frame, it won't necessarily be allowing the best from your optical lenses. The aim is to make a pair of glasses with the most cosmetically enhanced lenses possible without compromising vision.  Generally, smaller frames can make a big difference to the actual thickness of any high index lens, both reducing weight, thickness from the centre and the edges of lenses, and flatness of curve, although you must always take a frame that fits well, and if larger frames suit, then this compromise has to be factored in. The process of pre calibrating the lens thickness and result (done on computer instore on your consultation)will mock up the end results before we start, showing you the results in each frame you may like.

Your Lenses.
Lens thickness and front or back curve matter. The more curved a lens, the more your eyes can look distorted (over large or extra small) behind them. The size, dimensions, shape, and the type of frame (semi rimless etc) you choose can make a big difference to the end results as we have already mentioned. An experienced dispenser can go through the most suitable frame options with the advantage of having already seen many pairs of glasses made and the end results. This is why we recommend a consultation with us instore, and so that we can discuss the multiple lens options.
The Index number is the number given to all optical lenses. A standard thickness lens has an index number of 1.5 and is a plastic lens. Thinner lenses are available. 1.6 index lenses are just a little thinner than standard lenses. 1.67 index optical lenses are around 30 % thinner than standard lenses and are still made in plastic.1.74 index plastic lenses are the thinnest plastic lenses get. Glass high index lenses are available but used less often. However, glass high index lenses offer thinner options still, and higher clarity of vision too. 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 high index glasses lenses offer thinner lens options for very high prescriptions. We can supply all of the lens index options outlined here.

Aspheric lens designs offer an extra dimension, in that these lenses are flatter on the curvature, and improove further the look of the lenses both from the front and side of the glasses.

It's worth a visit to speak to our technicians about your individual lenses and high/strong prescriptions. You can book a visit here online with us and we will help you achieve the best possible results for your new glasses at a  more affordable price.