understated design for weightless comfort.

"A joy to wear"

SILHOUETTE AND RIMLESS GLASSES WEARERS should also bring there rimless glasses to us for expert reglazing.

We offer a specialised rimless glazing service for those that already have there own frames new or old, but also we sell rimless spectacles complete.

In the past, we have sold as authorised stockists the Silhouette brand of weightless titanium rimless glasses. However, with prices rising and a preference by Silhouette themselves to glaze new Silhouette frames and lenses each time as a package, leading to (as you may have found), limited choice of stockists and high prices for a complete product, we have made a change and now supply an equivalent product made to the highest standards by Stepper eyewear.


Stepper's weightless rimless glasses made to the highest standards in Germany have excited us as they are very much affordable yet maintain the same high levels of quality as the Silhouette brand, and we are also more at liberty to be able to offer subsequent reglazes into your Stepper rimless as and when you desire.

Coming soon as our premium comfort weightless rimless brand.

If you've tried Silhouette rimless but want a better price for virtually the same product, then this brand is for you. Come see if we can't convert you with this beautiful range of Rimless glasses at better prices than your Silhouette brand of designer titanium rimless.

Remember, if you can't get your Silhouette's reglazed, we are here to help also.

STEPPER has always been changing eyewear for the better. Challenging convention to beat a new path. Delivering effortless vision has always been our main objective.’

Hans Stepper, Founder


STEPPER EYEWEAR is the brand in the world of optics that has achieved its merits by its dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with opticians. 1970 the company was founded in Germany as a joint venture between an expert in plastic moulding technology and Hans Stepper a graduated optician.

Hans Stepper was born in December 1935. His father was an optician with a small shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He became an apprentice as a dispensing optician. During this time he showed a keen interest and passion for design and craftsmanship with optical frames, in 1958 he was invited to design and craft bespoke spectacles in Helsinki, Finland.

In 1961 he returned to Germany and successfully completed his professional training with a final graduation as Master Optician. His mission – instead of following his father’s recommendation – was to manufacture plastic frames by injection moulding and not using the traditional method of cutting from Acetate sheets.

His unique frames were ahead of the times. They were sculptured around the face rather than showing the conventional flat appearance. However plastic frames were not enough to satisfy the global market – metal was the trend from 1993