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Ilkeston Factory Specs has been trading since 1991 and has seen many styles and trends come and go over those years.

In the early years there was no internet, which has emerged over the last decade as a power offering greater choice and information, but also being the ruin of many businesses in the high street. This has put the high street in general and it's future for the medium term under threat of simply not being there for anyone. A consumer may now search the world for a product in any industry, real or fake, and probably save a few pounds (it's a big world), but ultimately at what cost to the community they live in, and to there own shopping experience and satisfaction when buying some products "blind" ?

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in "customers", who enter a store simply to research a product, always having the intention of buying it Online. These consumers have had a costly negative affect on businesses because they are taking a paid employees time and expertise, handling valuable stock etc, with the business picking up the costs for this with no possibility of a sale and gain for itself from the outset. Obviously this is frustrating and ultimately destructive to a businesses profitability and long term future.

This consumer is known as a "Showroomer" a slightly derogatory term, but on balance considered apt for what has been seen as an underhand behaviour pattern. This is frustrating generally and in the Optical industry usually ends with the "Showroomer" not being allowed to continue and is obstructed or even asked to leave a practice. This behaviour is usually fairly easy to spot with a few simple questions asked. A business has tactics, it's employee's trained to not leave a product with a showroomer to check its identification, minimal handling and one to one service, all of which frustrates both parties with no real results for either. A game of "cat and mouse" ensues and the visit is generally aborted by the showroomer.


We at Factory Specs have decided to take a different approach to this problem.

Whilst we do not allow "showrooming" on our premises and are very forward and proactive with a non tolerance approach as soon as it becomes obvious that we are being showroomed (we believe our prices and service and back up after purchase gives brilliant value all round), we do offer a service that allows a researcher to research without embarrassment or bad feelings. There is a fair fee to pay for this service of £25.00. A researcher can buy a time slot with us to "research only" with no purchase expected and no deception. This includes our time, expert knowledge, model number referencing, picture referencing, vital measurements and the opportunity to actually try on, feel and touch the products for quality, (all things you can't do when buying at the cheapest possible price from a picture Online). We'll even fit the frame you buy online at a later point.


If you are interested in this service we offer it in good faith on our part, then follow the link and book the service indicated on the list "USING OUR SHOWROOM TO BUY ONLINE", and make the payment. We cannot help you to find the right frames for you on the telephone, this is an instore paid appointment service. On this basis we look forward to being able to assist you in finding the perfect pair of glasses "Elsewhere" with our blessing.

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656