ABOUT "SHOWROOMING" The unfair practice of using a businesses physical store, paid staffs time and trying valuable stock (our glasses) simply to buy Online for a small saving, without any intention of giving a chance for a business to do what it does best at a fair price.


In our view this amounts at best to a confidence trick, at worst, a theft of the experience and services offered by a business in good faith, by deception. Either way this behaviour from some may well result in the loss of the British high street, all for a saving of a few pounds for the individual. Very unsatisfactory in the short, medium and long term for everyone including the showroomer, particularly if they have employment in, or are reliant on the high streets survival for there own income. This is very short sighted behaviour because ultimately, without competition, the online internet suppliers will raise prices, still offering very little service in return, from there distanced online safety, never meeting there customers face to face, or forming a trustworthy relationship with there customers.



Ilkeston Factory Specs has been trading since 1991 and has seen many styles and trends come and go over those years. In the early years there was no internet, which has emerged over the last decade as a power offering greater choice and information, but also being the ruin of many businesses in the high street. This has put the high street in general and it's future for the medium term under threat of simply not being there for anyone. A consumer may now search the world for a product in any industry, real or fake, and probably save a few pounds (it's a big world), but ultimately at what cost to the community they live in, and to there own shopping experience and satisfaction when buying products "blind" ?

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in "customers", who enter a store simply to research a product, always having the intention of buying it Online. These consumers have had a costly negative affect on businesses because they are taking a paid employees time and expertise, handling valuable stock etc, with the business picking up the costs for this with no possibility of a sale from the outset. Obviously this is frustrating and ultimately destructive to a businesses profitability and long term future.


We sell great eyewear, much of it made instore, and big brand frames and lenses brought into store.

We offer so much more, 1 hour service, free knowledgeable advice, accurate measurements, frame fitting, frame styles to try on in our styling consultations, lens consultations, and ongoing service throughout the lifetime of the glasses, all things not available on line. We offer bespoke eyewear solutions, rimless lens shape and size changes, bespoke lens tinting and supreme quality lenses like Zeiss, Rodenstock and Hoya. This means we can usually guarantee complete satisfaction but also if necessary resolve any unexpected problems quickly and easily if they occur. Worth a little more than the online experience (with the exemption of responsibility under long distance selling regulations, we recommend you read the terms of business with any online glasses supplier and assess the risks you are excepting). We are always on hand to help.

prescription eyewear supplier optical lenses - designer eyewear brand stockist - spectacle manufacturing laboratory direct

prescription eyewear supplier optical lenses  designer eyewear brand stockist

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656