Accidents Happen !!!   Instore and Online Service

All glasses wearers will at some time or other had that horrible moment when they realise they may have just stood on or sat on there glasses. Sometimes glasses just come to the end of there lifespan due to wear and tear. Either way, this could be an expense you could do without.

If the glasses are expensive ones, you are reliant on them to see and function properly, or you are just too busy to go through the whole process of a new eye test and then waiting for your new glasses to be made, then accidents like this can be costly and inconvenient to say the least.

WHILE YOU WAIT 10 MINUTE SERVICE - The good news is that we we can save the lenses and use them again by just replacing the frame. Your lenses can be expertly cut (as they were originally) into a new frame, even changing the style, size and shape if you would like. We have the machines on site to cut the lenses if needed and fit them to a new frame you've selected instore. Go home with a replacement pair of glasses in just a few minutes using your own old lenses. This can save at least half the cost of replacing the glasses entirely.


Call into store or book to ensure we are available to replace your broken spectacle frames. You can also call us during opening times to arrange a visit or book an appointment online here too. We can replace the frames within a few minutes if you book online for a there and then while you wait Reframe service with our awaiting technician.

Alternatively you can use our online service by sending us your broken glasses through the post and we will match up a replacement frame (the nearest frame we can match up) and we'll fit your lenses and send it promptly back to you. You can use our reglaze online service from our Online Store.


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