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Reglaze Single Vision

Reglaze Single Vision

Reglaze Varifocals

Reglaze Varifocals




Click the "Choose Single Vision options" or "Choose Varifocal options" depending on the type of lenses you want to buy.


OPTION 1: "Frame Type ?" 

Pick the type of frame you have (it doesn't matter if they are plastic or metal) We don't reglaze full rimless online, call into our store.

OPTION 2: "Use them for ?"

Pick either Single Vision Distance for long vision (some people particularly under 40 use 1 pair of single vision glasses for everything). You will have a distance prescription only, no near prescription or reading add indicated.

Pick Single Vision Near if you need lenses to focus on near objects like reading, these lenses won't focus clearly on objects at a distance. You will have a distance and a near line written on your prescription or a reading add.

You won't see this option when buying varifocals, don't worry. Varifocals will allow you to focus at all distances. You probably won't need varifocals if you are under 40. You will have a distance and near prescription written or a distance and a reading add indicated if you need varifocals (or alternatively need a pair for reading and a separate pair for long distance vision).

OPTION 3: " Lens options ? "

Scroll down the drop down box for the different lens options available including coatings and extras and tick the individual lenses you need.


Complete this field for legal reasons. Please Confirm you are 18 or over and that the prescription you intend to use is no older than 2 years at time of order. If this is not the case you should not use this site or the prescription. You should obtain a new in date prescription or wait until you are 18 yrs old or over



Complete this field by choosing one of the three options telling us about how you got your PD measurement.


You can either enter these details early from the top left of any BRAND page or wait and move on to your Cart, where you will have another chance to Upload your prescription (picture) or enter it manually.



You can enter your prescription from various places on this site. You must choose standard prescription type or non standard prescription type. Standard prescriptions are marked with a blue button which allows you to both manually enter or upload your prescription. If your prescription powers are not higher than (including and below) Sph's +/-6.00 and/or Cyl's +/- 2.00 and you have No Prisms indicated, then you have a standard prescription and there is only the price to pay on your cart.

If you have a non standard prescription which means the powers of the Sph are above +/- 6.00 and/or the Cyl is over +/- 2.00 or you Do have a PRISM indicated, then you need to enter the prescription using the Red button option as a non standard prescription. We do not supply prescription powers above Sph +/- 8.00 or Cyl above +/- 4.00, or with reading Adds above +3.00. Non standard prescription have an additional surcharge payment integrated into the prescription entry process which you must pay in order to be able to forward your prescription. Any order you place will be processed but not dispatched until the outstanding surcharge is paid (see our terms of business). The surcharge can be paid retrospectively if you have placed your order incorrectly on the wrong submission form (Standard when it is infact Non Standard).


You should order and send your glasses by post to us at our Optical Laboratory and Store or wait for our confirmation and attend our store (Click and Collect) with the frame where we can measure you for lens accuracy and cut and fit your lenses instore while you wait (remember to click this option on your Cart to avoid paying postage). Find our address below:


Ilkeston Factory Specs located at 135 Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK, De7 8as.

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656