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prescription Glasses and Sunglasses. Book an appointment - call in to store if you live near Derby or Nottingham - or shop online from anywhere. You can also opt to buy Ray-Ban from us online but collect from us instore for free fitting and even for us to take vital measurements before we fit the lenses you've ordered while you wait. Particularly useful when buying varifocals from us Online

Our special Online deals (models we don't hold instore) are a great option to bag a bargain for genuine Ray-Ban eyewear at affordable prices backed up by our high

street store and full manufacturers guarantees. We also hold current instore models for a little more that you can try. Just book an appointment on our automated booking platform above. All fees Redeemed on your purchase.




Ray-Ban became more popular after the release of the movie Top Gun. The movie generated a 40 percent increase in sales for the Ray-Ban Aviator brand.


The '80s garnered great attention to Ray-Ban through movies. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd wore them in The Blues Brothers.

Bruce Willis wore them in his role as David Addison on Moonlighting. From 1982 through 1987 Ray-Ban placed their sunglasses in more than 60 movies and television shows, including Quentin Tarantino films such as the 1992 crime film Reservoir Dogs.

Tom Cruise also wore Ray-Ban Wayfarer in Risky Business. Peter Capaldi wore Ray-Ban sunglasses as Sonic Sunglasses in his role as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who during the Ninth Series. The glasses appeared to be replaced by a traditional sonic screwdriver at the end of the final episode of the series.  

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