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C81 GOLD 56/17 145 43.0

Pure titanium mens flex hinge frame in Gold/grey






Mens Titanium FS2 730 Col 81 Gold

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Declaration 1: I am over 18/ my prescription is under 2 yrs old
  • We can ship this model out to you with the measurements set in to the glasses as you instruct or you can Click & Collect instore. If you choose the option "wait to fit lenses" in the ordering process we will take your measurements FREE instore before fitting your lenses which only takes a few minutes ( instore laboratory)

Please note: Our Online frame offers are not available or displayed instore and can only be purchased online

Useful info: This handy chart may help you when choosing varifocal lenses

There is a £5 surcharge/ glaze charge on reglazes.



       Basic design                 Free form design               Free form design        Free form 24%+ thinner   Free form 30%+ thinner

1.5 Standard                      1.5 Wide Elite                       1.5 Ultra Wide                 1.6 Thin Ultra Wide        1.67 UltraThin Ultra Wide                Vista                           Mid width vision             Digital Wide width vision     Digital Wide width vision     Digital Wide width vision

1.5 index CR39              1.5 index CR39              1.5 index CR39                   1.6 index                       1.67 index

    Soft design                 Free form Design            Free form Design           Free form Design           Free form Design        

Standard distortion           Less distortion             much less distortion       Much less distortion       Much less distortion 

       Good Value                 Entry Freeform             Expert wearer              Wide thin lens          Wide Xtra thin lens

1: Our Cheapest option    2:worthwhile upgrade    3:Most popular choice     4: For mid strengths        5: For high powers  

    Standard Reading         Wider reading area        Wider reading area      24% thinner wide near  30%+ thinner wide near

 Optional Coatings          Optional Coatings           Optional Coatings          Optional Coatings          Optional Coatings