Non Standard Prescription examples

Sph over +/- 6.00 and or Cyl over +/- 2.00 Any axis/Adds to 3.00

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The Example prescription (above) is NON STANDARD and a Surcharge applies because:


Sph more than + or - 6.00 dioptres (in this example both Sph's would be fine)

Cyl more than + or - 2.00 dioptres  (in this example the right Cyl is over 2 so not standard)

Any axis is fine

Any reading Add is fine (but not more than +3.00)

Surcharge applies if a Prism is indicated (there is no Prism on this example)

The Example below is NON STANDARD and a surcharge applies because:

The Left Eye Sph (on your right), is -6.50 dioptres so over 6.00 making it Non Standard

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