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Ultra light weight Rimless glasses similar to Silhouette for under £200 complete with lenses

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we now sell Rimless glasses very similar to Silhouette glasses at less than half the price. Prices start at £150 and don't go above £220 even with 1.6 index strong and light varifocal lens. Just like Silhouette Rimless glasses at Ilkeston Factory Specs near Nottingham and Derby but at less than half the price, saving you money on Silhouette Rimless purchases. We also reglaze Silhouette rimless glasses (with experience as our technician was trained by Silhouette area sales staff on how to assemble and disassemble silhouette rimless glasses).

A recent change in Policy last year saw Silhouette glasses require a minimum purchase of frames per annum by the company, meaning many opticians may well be forced to insist you buy a complete pair of Silhouette rimless glasses each time your eyes change, because they are under pressure to sell sell sell Silhouette frames. We as an authorised Silhouette stockist refused to agree, believing Silhouette rimless could be reglazed when ever possible, good for your pocket and good for the environment as you wouldn't need to replace the frame every time your eyes changed. Silhouette glasses can sell for between £450 and £1000 approx in the high street and are still very expensive online. We can more than half the lower price mentioned here for a similar looking product. Of course they aren't actually Silhouette eyewear at all, but not many people would know different, and you'd be saving up to £800 and at least an average of 50% on Silhouette prices. Choice is yours, a similar to look at pair of Rimless glasses or a Silhouette reglaze, all at Ilkeston Factory Specs Just book a rimless consultation and we'll make you rimless just like you always wanted.