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New things in the New year !!! Face a Face designer eyewear

Here at Ilkeston Factory Specs we aim to bring to you the latest Designer eyewear at affordable prices. We are not a cheap internet style option when it comes to designer glasses, because we don't sell old and discontinued products. We sell the very latest designer eyewear, the hottest brands that either are not online, or are to much money to risk buying online. Nobody wants to spend a few hundred pounds online for a pair of glasses they can't see through properly because the measurements weren't taken as they should have been. We are here to offer experienced advice and service throughout your purchase and after, for the lifetime of your glasses.

We know it's hard to compare prices too, until you have all the facts and options available, worked out and then costed. We also know the final bill can be, well, shall we say, a bit of a shock. These days it's not unusual to be quoted five/six or even eight hundred pounds for a desirable niche branded product with high quality varifocal lenses WHICH ARE ONLY USUALLY AVAILABLE AT THE HIGH END INDEPENDENT BOUTIQUE OPTICIANS.

We know these prices are being requested and quoted by some independent opticians in our area because we see the customers come into store fearing the worst, or thinking they will have to compromise on what they really would like, because they simply cannot afford or warrant these high prices.

They have tried in vain the cheaper chain suppliers, who simply do not sell the latest very high end niche products they want, as they prefer to go mainstream for safety and big turnover. Who wants to wear glasses that every TOM/DICK AND HARRY already have.

Here's the reality. Top end quality niche or high branded eyewear can be more expensive than a Specsavers special. You'll probably have to part with a few hundred pounds for the genuine article, but, three hundred is better than six hundred/ five hundred is better than eight hundred, etc, and the savings we could give you may make the difference between having those glasses on your face, or not.

So, at Ilkeston Factory Specs we don't just sell cheap glasses, we have also invested in the very latest more expensive unique eyewear you'd love to own. We've not just matched the high end boutique opticians, we have surpassed them by offering greater choice in our larger premises in our out of city premises. This means low overheads (and lower prices for you) as we trade from our own owned building. Free parking, and an onsite Laboratory offering 1 hour service on many spectacles and a while you wait service,

The main suppliers and Brand owners of the hottest fashions and Brands from around the world have been very happy to supply us as authorised stockists, with the best known and niche brands in the eyewear industry.

Our customers are happy, our suppliers happy, competitors not so much, and the best thing, we are happy selling great quality and unique glasses that are being appreciated, to worthy wearers.

We really are unique as a business in this highly fashion orientated world. We are continuing to pave the way and plan new brands is 2021