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Carl zeiss stockists and partners

Ilkeston Factory Specs Direct supplies fully authorised Zeiss prescription spectacle lenses from our optical laboratory.

All Zeiss lenses are bought direct from Carl Zeiss Germany, and as an authorised supplier we get discounted prices which we can pass on to you the customer.

We are based in Ilkeston and cover the Derby and Nottingham areas.

We have an optical retail shop on the front of our own premises, call in and choose carl Zeiss prescription lenses and one of our huge range of top end designer glasses frames from the top brand designer eyewear manufacturers Luxoticca

Safilo,Marchon and Marcolin.

who sells zeiss prescription lenses near me in Derby Nottingham area ?

Ilkeston Factory Specs Direct official partner and suppliers of

Carl Zeiss prescription lenses.

Zeiss pal Individual 2 1.74 progressive varifocal

Zeiss pal Individual 2 1.67

Zeiss pal individual 2 1.67 POL Skylet

Zeiss pal Individual 2 1.6

Zeiss pal Precision Superb 1.74

Zeiss pal precision superb 1.67

Zeiss pal precision superb 1.6

Zeiss precision plus 1.5 pol skylet

Zeiss PAL Individual spoert 1.67

Zeiss PAL Individual Sport 1.6


Zeiss PAL Superb sport

Zeiss PAL Drivesafe/ sport

Zeiss office lenses indi 1.53

Zeiss sv Drivesafe Sport 1.5 pol skylet

EnergizeMe Lenses plastic

Zeiss sv plastic

Zeiss sv glass

Zeiss sv sph Min 1.9 glass

Zeiss sv Sph Min 1.8 glass

Zeiss sv Sph Min 1.7 glass

Zeiss sv Sph Min 1.6 Umat

Zeiss sv Lenticular Min 1.7/1.5


Zeiss Skylet/ medical/uv400/ProGolf solid/

ProGolf Graduated/DuraVision BlueProtect/

DuraVision Mirror/DuraVision Sun/

Gold Filter

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656