and Lewis Hamilton



We are the authorised stockists of Police eyewear and sunglasses in the Nottingham and Derby areas. We also offer the exclusive Lewis Hamilton Police glasses and the Lewis Hamilton private collection glasses and sunglasses as authorised stockists. The Quality is superb across both ranges offering high quality materials such as acetates and metals such as stainless steel 

and titanium elements for long life, comfort and durability.                       

These frames are incredibly comfortable to wear, and offer a huge choice of styles for men and women, from Large oversized plastic designs through oblong and square, delicate styled hexagonal and aviator classics in black and gold, Lewis's sunglasses are particularly stylish.


Styling for men and women, round eyes with alternating bright arm colours/black/grey and perspex clear fronts with gloss or matte finishes.         .

Ultra modern and fresh, yet still classic, this brand is a winner for ages 16 to 70.