Essilor subsidiary supplied lenses are

standard at Ilkeston Factory Specs

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Essilor Lenses - makers of the famous Essilor Brand Varilux and transition Lenses.


We can save you money without compromising quality. At Ilkeston Factory Specs our standard house lenses are all sourced directly from an Essilor Subsidiary in London.

Because we do a lot of the work inhouse, including cutting and fitting to shape we can offer them at a very competitive price instore, starting at £30 upwards.

We offer Single Vision, Bifocal and varifocal lenses with the very latest back surfaced digital designs for HD vision and wide visual fields at discounted prices. We sell Standard/ Premium/ and Elite varifocals to give different price points and the right package for you.


We offer all the essilor coatings including transition coatings to react to sunlight, Polarised to cut glare/ glare resistant clear and Blue Tech (Blue Blok) glare resistant lenses.

We also offer bespoke tinting and extra tough coatings

Call in to store and ask about our Inhouse Lenses for great vision at a Great price.