Reglaze my Silhouette glasses
Silhouette Eyeglasses and Rimless glasses in Nottingham
Silhouette stockists in Ilkeston Derbyshire

Do you like Silhouette Rimless glasses but can't warrant the high price tag every 2 years ?

Maybe your own optician is unwilling to reglaze your Silhouette glasses or you've noticed that the price is very high and more than you expected. We may be able to help you.
We now supply titanium rimless glasses with a variety of eye shapes and sizes made as a bespoke item in our laboratory just for you at half the average price of a pair of Silhouette Rimless glasses.
Don't get us wrong, these glasses are our own sourced product and not Silhouette.  In 2017/18/19 and 2020 we stocked Silhouette glasses as an authorised stockist, but found the price had become ever more expensive for us and so also you to buy, (we are committed in finding you great products at great prices) so we've found you a great alternative.
Virtually indistinguishable from the iconic Silhouette style and of high quality, in ultra light weight titanium and metals and a variety of colours from Gold and Silver to blacks, reds, blues and gun metals. Styles for men and women. Simple and classic, these styles are timeless.

"Who will Reglaze my own Silhouette glasses?"

If you already have Rimless and Particularly SILHOUETTE RIMLESS glasses, then you may also be interested in visiting us for a quote for reglazing your own Silhouette Rimless glasses. We have much experience in glazing designer glasses and particularly Silhouette Rimless glasses with all types of lenses including varifocals and coated/ultra thin lenses.
Bring along your Silhouette Rimless eyewear if you live near enough to Nottingham and Derby or even Leicester to our laboratory in Ilkeston and we will happily reglaze your Silhouette Glasses at very competitive prices.