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About Ilkeston Factory Specs and our instore Designer Boutique.

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we don't test eyes, so don't have the associated costs of an inhouse optician. This has enabled us to save you money on all your purchases of prescription glasses, frames and lenses over the last 17 years since opening in 2003 in Ilkeston and since 1991 in Dudley in the West Midlands.

We employ experienced technicians who actually make your prescription glasses and lenses, and who are able to give you face to face advice for best options and results (and saving you making costly mistakes). They are also able to take your vital measurements needed to make up a pair of glasses accurately.

We make a lot of glasses and lenses onsite within our onsite optical laboratory, and also use outside suppliers for specialised lenses and prescription requirements as well as branded lenses including Carl Zeiss lenses, Hoya and Rodenstock lenses with 30 yrs experience trading in the West Midlands and then also in Ilkeston in the East Midlands.

We offer a 1 hour (or less) service when making up single vision prescriptions and varifocal glasses will be ready to collect within a few days if they can't be made within the hour.

We offer over 2000 budget and non branded frames to choose from in stock and onsite. 

We offer within our onsite Boutique hundreds of Designer glasses frames and branded designer sunglasses. These are current styles and we are authorised stockists of our designer brands. Obviously these are more expensive but will still be more than competitive with our high street competitors prices

We don't supply online sell off priced glasses instore or match online prices because our designer glasses come as the latest and current styles, genuine products, guaranteed and replaceable if needed, fitted, and with essential service before and after your purchase, not available when you buy online.

We do sell off some of our branded designer glasses and special online standard glasses deals online on our own website (here). They are not available to buy or to try instore and can only be purchased online. We also offer a click and collect service and a lens order service meaning you can order your lenses inc Varifocals/Bifocals and or coated lenses, to have them fitted into your own frames when you call, so just one journey. This also allows us to take the measurements required when you call and cut your lenses while you wait, the best of both worlds.

So why come to us ?

Big choice

Budget glasses and great deals

Huge choice of branded designer eyewear

Great service

Free mesurements

Click and collect

Reframes only

Just new lenses

1 hour service

Expert indepth advice on hand

Realistic high street prices saving money

Complex lenses/rimless/branded lens names

Free parking

Sunday appointments

Private consultations (shop to yourself) and fee redeemed

Currently we stock the following glasses frames with prescription lenses.

Tom Ford frames/Porsche Design Frames/Titanium Frames/rimless light weight frames/Calvin Klein frames/Tiffany frames/Hugo Boss frames/Police frames/Ray-Ban frames/Oakley frames/Nike frames/Lacoste frames/Swarovski frames/jewelled frames/Dario Martini frames/Stepper rimless frames/William Morris frames/Longchamp frames/Face a Face frames/ Vinylize frames/IC Berlin frames and many brands of sunglasses from basic to designer

We invite and have taken prescriptions from many local independent and chain opticians

(you are entitled to ask for your prescription after a site test in the UK and any voucher entitlement vouchers (NHS) and buy your glasses from the supplier of choice. The testing optician will still be paid for the site test they have given you.

This is a useful list of opticians and services local to us in the Nottingham/Derby and Leicester areas at which you may decide to have an eye test performed. We have had satisfactory site tests from the following:


Specsavers Opticians

Specsavers in Ilkeston

Specsavers in Long Eaton

Specsavers in Beeston

Specsavers in Eastwood

Specsavers in Derby

Specsavers in Nottingham

Specsavers in Oakwood

Specsavers Ripley

Specsavers Alfreton


Scrivens opticians

Scrivens in Ilkeston

Scrivens in Heanor

Scrivens in Alfreton

Scrivens in Nottingham

Scrivens in Derby

DI Blow

DI Blow Opticians in Ilkeston

DI Blow Opticians in Nottingham

DI Blow Opticians Alfreton

DI Blow Opticians Bulwell

DI Blow Opticians Hucknall

DI Blow Opticians Aspley

DI Blow Opticians Kirkby in Ashfield

Hursts Chemists

Hursts Chemists and opticians Ripley

Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians Derby

Boots Opticians Nottingham

Vision Express Opticians

Vision Express Opticians Derby

Vision Express Opticians Nottingham

Vision Express Opticians inside Tesco 

Vision Express opticians Bulwell

Tesco Opticians

Tesco Opticians Derby

Tesco Opticians Nottingham

Costco Opticians Derby


Asda Opticians Langley Mill

Asda Opticians Long Eaton

Asda Opticians Derby

Asda Opticians Nottingham

Asda Opticians Beeston 


Independent opticians

Gray and Bull opticians Nottingham

Burrows and wozencroft /Burrows opticians Derby

Specs4u Opticians Derby

John Flynn opticians Beeston/Nottingham

I Wear Opticians Heanor

I Wear Opticians Bulwell

Riley and Evans Opticians Long Eaton

Bowler and Charsley Opticians Bulwell

Stephen-Donald Eyewear Nottingham

Loxley Opticians Nottingham

David Clulow Opticians Nottingham

Park Vision Opticians Nottingham

W.E. Phillips Optometrists Nottingham

Brooks and Wardman Optometrists Nottingham

PD Rees opticians Nottingham

Optique Vision - Opticians Nottingham

Optique Vision - Opticians Derby

Stanley H Field Opticians Alfreton

Adams Opticians Arnold/Nottingham

Oakwood Eyecare Opticians Oakwood/ Derby

Oakwood Eyecare Opticians Eastwood


Oakley glasses and sunglasses
Tiffany glasses in Ilkeston Derbyshire
Longchamp eyewear in Nottingham
Ray-Ban and Police sunglasses
Police eyewear stockists derby nottingha
Inside Ilkeston Factory Specs
inside Ilkeston Factory specs
Porsche Design at Ilkeston Factory Specs Aurthorised stockists