1 : Start at the Online shop page - click on any of the brand buttons and you'll be taken to a new window with the brand frame styles indicated for sale. These are special Online only priced items and not held instore. Click on a frame you like and you will be taken to the product page or pop up menu where you can choose single vision lens options and coatings from the drop down menu. 


2 : If you need varifocal lenses you will see on the first brand page you initially arrived at, a blue "varifocal options" tab (top of page). Click this and it will take you to a second window with the same brand of frames suitable for varifocals. Again, if you click the frame you like you will be taken to the product page or pop up menu, where you can choose varifocal types and coatings in the drop down options. 


3 : When you have found the right frames and lens options to meet the requirements you need (product page), you should press submit and you will be taken to the Cart page. You will see your products with lenses and coatings in your cart, and at the top of the page it will ask you to enter your prescription. Please do not forget this, it is important.


4 :  Click the "Enter Prescription" tab and you will be taken to the prescription entry form. Please enter your prescription making sure you have prescription powers within the parameters permitted. 4 spheres or less and 4 cyl's or less. + or - prescription are all fine. Do not place orders for glasses or lenses above these powers as we will not be able to accept your order and administration costs will apply before any refund is given (see our Terms of use and Terms of business). Return to your Cart page, check the order is correct, and continue to the checkout and place and pay for your order.

5: Please do not place orders with Prisms on one or both lenses indicated.


6: Do not place orders with reading adds above +3.00 dioptres

7: We will then start to manufacture your glasses and lenses.

If you have chosen to have them shipped we will email you before sending them out so that you know when to expect them. If you have chosen Click and Collect we will contact you to let you know when your glasses are ready/ available for you to collect.