1 : Start at the Online shop page - click on any of the brand buttons and you'll be taken to a new window with the brand frame styles indicated for sale. These are special Online only priced items and not held instore. Click on a frame you like and you will be taken to the product page where you can choose single vision lens options and coatings from the drop down menu on the right. 


2 : If you need varifocal lenses you will see on the first brand page you initially arrived at, a blue "varifocal options" tab (top right). Click this and it will take you to a second window with the same brand of frames suitable for varifocals. Again, if you click the frame you like you will be taken to the product page where you can choose varifocal types and coatings in the drop down options on the right. 


3 : When you have found the right frames and lens options to meet the requirements you need (product page), you should press submit and you will be taken to the Cart page. You will see your products with lenses and coatings in your cart, and at the top of the page it will ask you to enter your prescription.


4 :  Click the "Enter Prescription" tab and you will be given two options.

Enter "STANDARD" prescription and Enter "NON STANDARD" prescription. It is important to use the right option (although mistakes can be rectified later so don't worry to much about getting it wrong. You can also contact us for advice during working hours 10am to 3pm to check what your prescription falls under if you prefer) 


5 : STANDARD prescriptions cost only the amount it says in the cart 

NON STANDARD prescriptions cost the amount stated in the cart but there is also a surcharge to pay due to the extra costs to us in manufacturing especially strong or complex lens prescriptions.

The surcharge payment is integrated into the prescription entry submission. You should complete the details, upload your prescription picture and then make payment of the surcharge when asked through this process. You will then be able to submit all, and carry on shopping as if you have a Standard prescription (paying only the amount indicated in your Cart for the products you wish to purchase)


"STANDARD" Prescriptions are any SPH up to + or - 6.00 (inclusive)                                    and or any CYL up to + or - 2.00 (inclusive)

Any Axis/ Reading Adds up to +3.00

With No Prisms

(No surcharges apply)    


"NON STANDARD" Prescriptions are SPH over + or - 6.00 (6.25 up)                                     and or CYL over + or - 2.00 (2.25 up)                                                                                    

 Any Axis/ Reading Adds up to +3.00                                                                                      

With Prisms                                                                                                                              (Surcharge Applies)                                                                                                              



We don't supply prescriptions above SPH + or - 8.00 dioptres                                               

and/or CYL above +/- 4.00 dioptres                                                                                        

and/or +ADDS above 3.00 dioptre                                                                                          

Prescriptions with prism are to be Uploaded as Non Standard                                             


6 : Enter your prescription on the relevant prescription entry form                                         

and make payment of the surcharge if applicable or contact us if                                          unsure for advice. Use the link to go straight back to your Cart page                                     


7 : You will finally be taken to Checkout where you will be able to enter payment details      and submit payment (as stated in your cart)                                                                               


We will then start to manufacture your glasses and lenses.

If you have chosen to have them shipped we will email you before sending them out so that you know when to expect them. If you have chosen Click and Collect we will contact you to let you know when your glasses are ready/ available for you to collect from store.   

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