FLEXON Light Weight "Memory Metal" Titanium


Memory metal titanium glasses

Ilkeston Factory Specs sell Nike Flexon branded memory metal frames.

We sell these glasses by consultation and invite you to book online or ring store for us to make your booking and arrange a consultation for you. We are easily reachable from all areas across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and even have customers who travel to our Laboratory and Boutique high street store from the West Midlands area.

Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and returned to their original shape. Flexon has incomparable features that provide superior quality making the frames more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals; allowing you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment.

With years of design and engineering, Flexon has evolved into a collection with no limitations. Memory metal combined with rubber, TR90 and stainless steel create a varied collection filled with color, advanced durability, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit.

Feather light, flexible, and titanium strong, Flexon fits, feels and forgives like no other conventional metal frame on the market. Never underestimate the power of flexibility.