Extra Large frames and Extra Small frames at Ilkeston Factory Specs

You'll find many "larger than average" wide fit frames for men and women, and also extra small frames within our Designer collections and Unbranded frames instore. We often find a new customer has come to store for the very reason  "I can't find a frame that fits me elsewhere". A common problem for many people, resulting in glasses that are extremely uncomfortable to wear. They either cut into the unfortunate wearer, actually causing marks and abrasions, or simply slipping off the end of the nose and risking dropping off ending up on the floor !

It's very important not only that your glasses offer good vision, look good on, but also that they feel right and comfortable to wear. 

Feel free to call in to store or book a Designer or Unbranded frame and lens consultation within our store, and we'll find the right frame for you. We'll also fit your new glasses with careful skill and experience, and refit it as needed whenever needed throughout it's lifetime. With over 2000 frames instore, we are worth the visit.