You may or may not be aware that the government has all businesses under restriction to follow safe protocol when trading from 12th April 2021 

We are still under restrictions and must offer a safe environment for you to shop and enter store. We have been asked to follow procedures which involve keeping the number of people instore at any one time to a minimum and at a safe distance, and follow strict 

" TRY ON AND FACE TO FACE SERVICES PROTOCOL", as well as a thorough cleaning and disinfecting regime. This is the case if you have or haven't had a Covid jab just the same. We have been asked to follow these protocols in law. Therefore we guarantee minimum capacity and a safe environment when you book in advance (and no more than two customers will be allowed instore at a time, guaranteed). Once you have booked and are in attendance no other parties will be allowed to enter store on your visit other than one other pre booked appointment. A separate member of staff will be available and serve you, answering any questions you may have. You may call into store and enter if we have the capacity on the day without an appointment but we would advise pre booking to save disappointment or a wasted journey. We advise you bring a paper copy of your full prescription when attending store.. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity for casual browsers currently and are open for genuine enquiries only. Repair requests are at our discretion and carry a charge at store if possible. Certain designer glasses brands may require an appointment as a specific member of staff may be required to show and dispense some high end brands. All booking fee's will be redeemed against a purchase you make on the day of your visit.