Bespoke Made and Measured glasses online

Free Measurements - LOW prices -  Bespoke Measured Glasses - Best of Both Worlds !

For your convenience we now offer a click and collect service online for you to order your prescription glasses and lenses from the comfort of your own home. This means you will only have to call in to our store once to collect your new glasses or single vision coated lenses and varifocals (standard single vision already in stock)


We have put together a selection of all round lenses or reglaze lens options for you to choose from without coming into store. You can supply your Pupil Distance details to us online. If you do not know your Pupil Distance (PD) measurements and you are concerned about ordering online then click the option "measure me instore" when entering your details and prescription during the ordering process. We will wait to measure you first when you attend to collect before cutting your lenses to fit your chosen glasses frame (or own frame)  - This will only take 5 minutes as unlike most opticians we manufacture on site.

If you are using your own glasses frames then you can simply bring them to store when your new lenses are ready and we will take the measurements and cut and fit your new lenses while you wait. This means you won't be without your glasses frames for more than a few minutes, and they won't get lost or delayed in the post. There is no additional cost for this service, infact you'll save yourself the costs of postage too.


Simply browse and order your frames and lenses or choose "Reglaze my Frame" options here online with us.

Enter your details when required and simply Upload or manually enter your prescription (just 1 method is fine) on the Cart page in the ordering process. Remove the postage in favour of the free "Click & Collect" option on the shipping options (cart page) before proceeding to Checkout.

"CLICK & COLLECT" is particularly useful and recommended when ordering varifocals online with us, giving you the best of both worlds, a great price and accurately made glasses. We will email or ring you to let you know when your glasses or lenses are made and ready for your collection and arrange a convenient time for you to attend to collect your order or have your measurements taken and lenses cut while you wait. 

Once we have notified you that your glasses or lenses are ready for you to collect (a few days), you may book Free of charge your own convenient collection time with us here online and attend store.

If you want more options or have a more complex prescription, feel free to book an appointment to call in to store for a lens consultation and advice with our experienced optical assistants or technicians.