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ZEISS is an internationally leading technology company operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. ZEISS is shaping technological progress and through its solutions is extending the horizon of the world of optics and associated areas.

ZEISS develops, produces and distributes highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, as well as medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery. The name ZEISS is also synonymous with the world's leading lithography optics which are used by the chip industry to manufacture semiconductor components. There is global demand for trendsetting ZEISS brand products such as eyeglass lenses, camera lenses and binoculars. ZEISS consists of four segments: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Quality & Research, Medical Technology and Consumer Markets.

With a portfolio aligned with future growth areas like digitalization, healthcare and Industry 4.0 as well as a strong brand, ZEISS is shaping technological progress and, through its solutions, is extending the horizon of the world of optics and associated areas. The company's significant, sustainable investments in research and development lay the foundation for the success and continued expansion of ZEISS' technology and market leadership.

The ZEISS Group emerged from a workshop for precision mechanics and optics which was established by company founder Carl Zeiss in the east German city of Jena in 1846. Today, the Group's headquarters are located in Oberkochen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.
The Carl Zeiss Foundation, one of Germany’s largest foundations committed to the promotion of science, is the sole owner of the holding company, Carl Zeiss AG.

Call in to our spectacle manufacturing laboratory direct/ Ilkeston Factory Specs Authorised Cark Zeiss lens supplier and find out more about Carl Zeiss Optical prescription lenses and how you may be suited best to Carl Zeiss lenses. We offer advice and a realistic price on all types of Carl Zeiss lenses.


Rodenstock optical prescription  lenses

With a tailored suit one would say, "it is made to measure" or "it fits like a second skin". Nothing pinches, nothing nips. Everything looks perfect.
A pair of spectacles made especially for you with customised lenses in the right frame achieves the same effect: Your eyes immediately feel comfortable. Compared to traditional lenses you have sharper and higher contrast vision, particularly at twilight. In brief: You obtain a new, unprecedented visual feeling!
With customised lenses from Rodenstock you can finally fully exploit your personal vision potential.

We at Ilkeston Factory Specs are authorised suppliers of Rodenstock prescription lenses and send your measurement results together with your order and the results from the "normal" eye test to Rodenstock. Then comes the real "secret" of the highly developed manufacturing technology: the calculation of the optimal lenses for you, which are ideally adapted to your eyes at every visual point.
The result is the most precise Rodenstock lenses of all time, with which you finally maximise your personal vision potential. You'll notice the difference to off-the-peg spectacles. Guaranteed

Call in to Ilkeston Factory Specs or better still, book an appointment for a full lens consultation with our technician and find out about how Rodenstock lenses will delight you.

the Big advantage of Customised just for you bespoke lenses from Rodenstock



Named after the town in which it began, Hoya was started by two brothers Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka. Originally called Toyo Optical Glass Manufacturing, the company grew and expanded to become the multinational Hoya Corporation.

Today, Hoya employs a multinational workforce of over 34,000 people and has more than 150 offices and subsidiaries around the world.

Hoya’s lenses are produced with freeform surfacing. This treats the lens surface as a series of individual points, which Hoya engineers cut at pixel level along multiple axes. Such precision means that each lens can be optimised for every prescription. Hoya can even incorporate frame, fitting and wearing parameters into the lens calculation resulting in a highly personalised lens, every time.

Hoya Driving Lenses

Hoya understands the essential importance of driving to eyewear users. Their Enroute lens comes in both single vision and progressive designs and provides a host of benefits to motorists including:

  • Reduced glare and reflections from oncoming traffic and streetlights

  • Better contrast and brightness experience while driving in low light conditions

  • Clear vision in the far distance, the dashboard and in mirrors

  • Easy switching between distances

This makes for a driving experience that is more relaxing, more comfortable and safer. Professionals such as van and lorry drivers can wear the Enroute Pro which, in addition to the above benefits, has a contrast enhancing filter and a lens design that factors in driver vision and viewing distance to the dashboard. This promotes a natural, relaxed driving posture which is important for long haul journeys where the driver must stay in peak condition.

Hoya Sportive Lenses

The high-curved lenses are designed for wraparound frames, providing a snug, comfortable fit and protection at both the front and side of the face. Hoya’s Sportive lenses feature:

  • Optimised lens designs for high-curved frames with our unique prism compensation technology

  • Freeform surfacing, based on the wearing parameters of the selected frame

  • High base curves that match the curvature of sports frames

  • Choice of impact-resistant lens materials

  • 100% UV protection*

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