Some of our Instore Brands

Male Fashion Designer

 Beautiful and affordable Glasses


At Factory Specs We have a wide range of spectacle styles, from basic frames at great prices, to the very latest prestige designer eyewear by style consultation

(Pre booked appointments only please)

We keep all our glasses affordable.

Whilst it's true you pay more for luxury branded spectacles

we still think you will be hard pushed on the high street to buy better than at Factory Specs optical lens laboratory and Boutique eyewear store upfront.

Some of our brands include

 Porsche Design glasses/ Cutler & Gross/Tiffany Glasses/Swarovski Glasses/Ray-Ban glasses/Oakley Glasses/Nike glasses/Hugo Boss glasses/Lacoste Glasses/Longchamp Glasses/Michael Kors glasses/Stepper Glasses/Police Glasses/Lewis Hamilton/ Calvin Klein Glasses/Guess Glasses and many more. We also sell designer sunglasses.

You can click the tabs to learn more about some of our brands.

We also sell many many unbranded but high quality glasses at great prices instore without appointment needed to call in to try