Did you know that we offer a unique bespoke tint service ?

Here at Ilkeston Factory Specs Optical Laboratory at the rear of our boutique showroom, we offer a unique Tinting service not available in most high street opticians. We specialise in many different bespoke tint  colours and lens coatings. 

Firstly, we conveniently offer lens tinting while you wait, on new glasses or even your own lenses. We tint lenses ourselves instore, so it only takes half an hour or so, to achieve every option from a very light fashion tint (giving you a unique look) in colours like Blue, green, red, yellow, brown and grey, to a full blown sunglasses tint and uv coating.

Tints can be a solid all over colour, and also graduated from dark to light, even transitioning from one colour to another, something the chain opticians stores do not offer. We can mix colours to get a unique one off colour, increase or decrease the depth of colour, so that it's perfect for you.












We also offer very many different coloured mirror tints, from silver to red mirror, Gold, Green or Blue Mirror coatings. Many tints and colours are ideal for sports like fishing, cycling and driving. These tints are ordered in and we have them within a few days included on our new lenses.

Blue Block / Blue light coatings are ideal for glasses (lenses) that you may wear when using a computer or any tech device that emits high levels of blue spectrum light that may cause irritation and strain on the eyes. We supply lenses coated with the blue light coating within a day or two. These lenses have a slight blue hue to them when the light catches them.

Anti Glare coated lenses are usually available within 24 hours. The coating has been around a while and been improved to stop smearing to the extent older Anti Glare resistant coatings became known for. This coating has a green hue when the light catches it.





Night driving yellow tinted glasses are really useful for a safe clearer vision when driving at night and in bad weather conditions, relaxing the eyes and reducing eye strain that causes headaches and sore eyes. We can offer this specialised tint applied directly to lenses in our optical laboratory. Yellow tints are also highly fashionable.



React - to - Light or transition lenses now come in Green, as well as Brown and Grey when fully reacted to the sun and UV light. These lenses react and get darker to UV when outdoors, but lighten to virtually no colour at all when in doors or lower light or UV conditions. We supply these within a day or so at our Optical laboratory. We also specialise in Transition lenses that will react behind the car windscreen, often worn by professional drivers, a well kept secret.

We also supply Polarised lenses which are in Grey/Black and Brown. These lenses are very useful if you want to cut out most of the glare, for example, if you fish or sail and are around water, where the glare from the water surface is high. The difference in clarity of vision is very noticeable.

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656

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