If you have broken full rim/ semi rimless/ or Rimless frames (excluding Lindberg/Polaris brands) but don't want to buy an expensive complete new pair of glasses we may be able to help. Your existing lenses may be able to serve you for a while longer by having them cut and fitted into a new frame.

We have the latest glazing machinery at our Laboratory and can re-cut and trim, or simply fit your existing lenses including varifocals, into new frames.


We promise to use care and skill and be careful with your lenses. We cant be responsible for damage to lenses when we are glazing them but if we cause damage (unlikely) we will contact you and come to a mutual agreement of replacement costs that we are both happy with.

You can either come to store and we will show you suitable frames to reframe your own lenses into while you wait, or you can buy a reframe with us online if you live to far away to come to our store.


You can post your broken glasses direct to us and we'll send them back "reframed". We'll match a frame up as near as possible in style, size and colour (although not identical) to your existing glasses frame and save you money by not having to buy a whole new pair of glasses. The frames we use are a great quality (unbranded). We have a set price for this service. Rimless prices differ in the ordering process. A bespoke and newly reframed pair of glasses will wing it's way back to you within a few days instead of throwing your old lenses away and spending more on a complete new pair of glasses. Save money and save the environment too!


CLICK the tab "BUY NOW", and complete your purchase, then send your broken glasses to us at:

Ilkeston factory Specs "Reframes" at 135 Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, UK, De7 8as

Tel 01159 445656


Consider insuring more expensive lenses using our additional Special Delivery return postage option if the lenses have value to you as we deem them as £0 value if lost or damaged.

We'll email you as soon as we receive and have reframed your lenses to let you know they have been returned (please note : To keep costs low we do not return broken frames as this would incur higher return postage rates). 

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