Our High Quality reading glasses are not the run of the mill cheap ready readers you find on supermarket shelves manufactured at our spectacle manufacturing laboratory direct



The readers we make and supply combine a high quality flex hinged frame (in many cases) with a fashionable and wide fitting design. Glasses you won't be embarrassed to be seen in. The sizing is important. These spectacles use proper opthalmic frames and opthalmic lenses made to fit into the frame attractively without that bulbous look of a cheap ready reader. The lens material is a CR39 compound unlike the Polycarb material used in off the shelf ready readers, which provides superior clarity of vision, and is less prone to scratching.You don't have to go to the hassle of having an eye test that's valid. You won't need to provide or enter your sight test, or even your PD measurement.  These quality, comfortable, and authentic looking reading glasses can be with you within a day or two. We also offer you extra coating options including anti glare coatings and tints. Not found on the high street are our Bifocal reading glasses option, providing a lens with no power on the upper section for you to see long distance without hinderence. Bifocal Readers offer reading power in the segment under your eye. This enables you to read and see long distance without the reading area (prescription) obscuring your vision. The height of the reading segment is set at an average 5mm below the centre of the glasses lens which is average.


Our lenses generally increase in power from +1.00 dioptres in +0.25 increments up to +4.00 dioptres.

The average reading power is between +2.00 and +3.00 (+2.50)







Our Bifocal reading glasses have no power on the top and powered segments rising from +1.00 dioptres up to +3.00 dioptres in +0.50 increments. These glasses (Bifocal readers) are not generally available in the high street. You can choose your frames and then go on to choose lens powers and types, and coatings if required, on your product page, just click on the frame you want.

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Lab and store: 135 Lower Bath St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, DE7 8AS: Tel 01159 445656